Summer Celebration at Grape Finale on Wed August 19th!!

Hello Everyone! 

I am very excited about our next meeting at Grape Finale on Wed-August 19th. This will be our summer bash and to celebrate our meet-up group being over 6 months old!  They are located in the Bartles Corner Business Park, the last unit on the left hand side  Our host is Lisa van den Woldenberg.  

We will be having a tour of their impressive facility and will be sampling some of their wines along with some appetizers.  They have a great mezzanine area for our meeting which overlooks the wine making space and all the barrels. 

This is also the opportunity for each of you to provide samples of your products for our members to try! Let me know what you will be bringing. 

For more information take a look at their great website… and their phone # is 908-237-0302. 

Really looking forward to seeing familar faces and many new ones! Spread the word!