Hello All!

Ted, who is the owner of Rockn Joe will be hosting our next Meet-up on May 21st

Keep an eye out for the Union Train station which is right next to Kean University. The coffee shop is inside of there. They do not check parking after 4 pm and many of the
commuters will start to leave home after that time so there should be plenty of
parking. You can park anywhere in the lot.

As for the train, they are the first stop on the Raritan Valley Line just after Newark
Penn Station.  Once you get to Union Station and come off of the train, go down the
stairs and you will see it on your left. They have tables and chairs and an a-frame
sign outside.

For food, they have sandwiches, salads, soups, pastries and desserts. We have a
variety of drinks with coffee being our specialty of course. Here’s a link to Rockn Joe’s
menu on our Facebook page:
Here is their calendar